Immigration vs Illegal immigration

So it seems that there is quite a bit of talk these days in regard to our immigration here in the United States.  There a lot of opinions on the subject that seem to stem from feelings, misinformation and political loyalties.

Let me start by saying I am the daughter of an immigrant.  My mother and father met in Korea while my father was stationed there and my father brought her here to the U.S. where they started a family.  My father is a born American and we have traced our family roots back to the 1500’s I believe.  Some of his family landed in Massachusetts at what is still called Newcomb’s landing and others came through Ellis Island.  Yes , we are all families of immigrants at some point.   My mother who loves her birth country very much actually obtained dual citizenship.  She is a legal citizen of both countries.  My father helped her sister and one of her brothers make the transition here to the US where they both applied for citizenship and obtained it.  My mother and her sister both live the “American dream” and started their own business here (separate from each other).  They live very nice lives from what I recall.  My husband is also the son of immigrants.  His mother and grandmother came from Cuba to escape socialism.  His mother with a green card and his grandmother obtained her citizenship.  I actually remember the day his grandmother passed her citizenship test.  She had fallen in the tub the night before and would not allow anyone to take her to the emergency room because nothing was going to stop her from taking her test.  Although she loved Cuba, missed her family immensely and was proud of Cuban heritage and tradition , she also was proud to be here in the United States and knew the importance of being an American.  She passed her test, went to the hospital and discovered her arm was broken.  She was now an American citizen with a broken arm and was damn proud of it.

Fast forward to today.  News articles showing how immigrants will close up shop today, miss class, miss work etc to show (who idk) that this country needs immigrants.  I have also noticed quite a few memes showing “Mexicans” doing hard cheap labor encouraging Americans to take back these jobs.  I find it insulting to think that any immigrant hard laborer is only of Mexican descent, and is only capable of cheap labor.  How insulting can people be?

We are a country of immigrants, we are a country of dreamers and a country of opportunity.  That is why people want to come here. Some do so illegally.  While I have compassion for almost everyone, I also am capable of understanding  that we are a country of laws.  When Obama introduced his immigration order I was against it.  Not because I thought families should be broken up , or hard working people didn’t deserve to be here, but simply because it did NOT provide them a path to citizenship.  I  thought to myself, shouldn’t we be helping those who may have come illegally 20+ years ago but have proven themselves to be hard working, law abiding people a path to citizenship?

It seems that there are people that are for illegal immigrantion. They do not seem to understand all that entails with that or they just do not understand the difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants.  Yes , people are people and we should all be treated as such, but there are rules for a reason.   All countries have immigration laws.  Illegal immigration allows companies to pay workers less than minimum wage, it allows for human trafficking, it allows for building owners to have people live in squalor, it allows for people to be treated less than human.  It’s not that “Americans” dont want hard labor jobs, its just that they can’t afford to have those jobs.  They have to pay rent or mortgage, car insurance , taxes, food, health insurance etc.  They literally cannot afford to take those jobs.  They are more protected by collecting and living off government welfare.  That then becomes a mindset.  Business owners know there are illegal immigrants that will take those jobs at the lowest rate possible.  My husband is a warehouse manager.  He sees this everyday.  Illegal immigrants don’t get coverage just for being here, but if they have a kid here, their kid then gets those benefits and they are very aware of it.  They can say they dont work (even though they do) collect benefits for the “kids”etc. They use false identities etc. Promoting illegal immigration is such a smack in the face for those that obtain it legally.

I find it odd that majority of the people supporting illegal immigration did not speak out against Obama.  He was deporting them by the truck loads.  As soon as the opposite party has control, they are in an uproar about the subject.  It is very confusing and makes it hard to understand or support their reasoning.  Do they only care because its not the party they have alliance to enforcing it, or did they just become aware of it and now maybe they are mad at the previous administration for participating in it as well.  The latter is less believable.

Are they unaware that more than 70% of those illegals targeted have committed crime(s) and according to law should be deported.  The NYC mayor said, if an illegal was found guilty of drunk driving they should not be condemned for his crimes (drunk driving and being here illegallly) if they did not hurt anyone.  Huh?  So allow them to be here illegally breaking our laws drunk driving until they hurt someone?  I will note that in my head in case I  am ever caught drunk driving.  I will note here also that my best friend had a green card.  Her mother is a US citizen as well as her brothers and sister. Her mother was visiting Lebanon while pregnant when the no fly zone was created in the 80’s.  She gave birth in Lebanon.  My friend wrote some bad checks when she was around 19 and was found guilty of her crimes.  More than 10 years later she went to update her green card and was taken into custody. (During Obamas administration). She had a daughter here and a business.  They wanted to deport her because the law states that a green card holder is subject to deportation if they do not follow the laws of our nation.  While we were pissed about the whole situation , she was here legally, hadn’t committed crimes after , paid taxes, had a business, raised her child, I also understood that the law was there for a reason.  I had other friends that had been deported long after committing their crimes and serving their time, but they were habitual offenders. I thought, shouldn’t they just focus on habitual offenders or those that are here illlegally? But being a green card holder, you know that you are subject to deportation if you commit a crime.  It’s not a secret.  With tons of family support and a good lawyer she was released and took her lawyer up on the advice of applying for citizenship.   She is now a citizen and never has to worry about being deported.

To conclude my array of thoughts, I think people are confused about illegal immigration and legal immigration. Every country has immigration laws, and ours is no different.  If you want to make a difference and give immigrants better opportunity, take note of the politicians you support.  Ignore what they say on a microphone and pay attention to the legislation they support or don’t support.  Take time to read the legislation so you understand it.  If you’re that passionate about it, take in an immigrant family, sponser an immigrant and help them get their legal paperwork.  We are a country of kind compassionate people that tend to get mislead by politicians and media.  If you didnt speak out against Obamas deportation of illegal immigrants but are mad at Trump, I suggest you take a look within and decide if your political alliance has blinded you to situations that have been going on prior to the last month.  Also, before you rant and rave on social networking, make sure you understand facts of the issue. Let’s find those politicians that create legislation that lead to a pathway for citizenship  for illegal immigrants that have been here for a specific amount of time, not committed any crimes, have proven employment and have created a family here.  Ranting and raving that anyone can come here illegally, live how they want because we are all human just isn’t going to get you anywhere.  Not in this country and definitely not in any other country.  I  will also add that our constitution is to protect citizens of the United States.  If you are not a citizen you are not protected by the constitution.

I am ok with cities not reporting illegals, but I do have an issue with authority not reporting illegals who have committed crimes.  No, I am not an angel, but I have not gone to  other countries and broken their laws just the same.

Thank you for reading, one does not have to agree with my line of thinking , but I do hope to enlighten some on the subject and open their minds to think.